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  • Tim Masson
    Tim MassonLead // Web Design

    Web designer, engineer and chief coffee drinker. MD of wildmercury.com

    I have just 1 rule in life: Do the right thing.

    • Meg Robichaud
      Meg RobichaudIllustrator

      Meg Robichaud is a traveling freelance illustrator and designer. Her work is often featured in online publications noting the trends in illustration on the web. An active member of the design community, she is regular speaker and panel member at design conferences and events throughout Canada and the United States.

      • Zach Goldstein
        Zach GoldsteinSoftware Engineer

        Zach Goldstein is a travelling software engineer building backend services and infrastructure for business large and small. Previously he was involved in building a mobile payments platform at http://astonclub.com.au/ logistics software for http://www.jiffyshirts.com/ R&D at http://us.blackberry.com/ and a game for http://www.ea.com/

        • Veronica
          VeronicaSocial Media

          Social media guru.

          • Charlie Grieser
            Charlie GrieserGraphic designer

            Charles is a graphic designer from Chicago. His background includes work for a broad range of industries, including luxury goods, fashion, finance, and education. A minimalist in both his approach to finding design solutions and his personal lifestyle, he now travels and lives out of a carryon bag. He is now using his experience to bring effective branding strategy and usability to the non-profit sector.

            • Matt McInnis
              Matt McInnisDeveloper

              Matt McInnis is an award-winning Professor of Mathematics from Toronto, Canada. When he is not actively working to innovate mathematics education, he can be found in coffee shops studying computer networks, hacking apart electronics, or building software applications. He is most proud of his volunteer work, and believes the world’s biggest problems can be solved through a combination of data, technology and education.

              • Tal Friedman
                Tal FriedmanFrontend Developer

                Tal Friedman is a computer engineer specializing in frontend web development. An avid traveler and adventurer, he can often be found in a cool cafe developing an ecommerce or not-for-profit website. He is currently attempting to write his first book.

                • Luke

                  Fast-talking coder of the North.

                  • Johan Stokking
                    Johan StokkingDeveloper

                    Johan is a software architect and developer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a background in industrial engineering and experience in strategy consulting. His expertise in event-driven architectures and real-time data processing is applied in products and services in professional sports timing as well as a new start-up that deploys a community-driven and decentralized Internet of Things network.

                    • Izzy

                      Nice guy. Give him your money.

                      We are always looking to add to our dedicated contributors. Contact us today.